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7 Dogsled Adventures in Northern and Southern Ontario

In Ontario, there are a large variety of kennels and ranches where people can try dogsledding out, either by dipping their toes in with shorter one day or half-day tours, or by immersing themselves in week-long expeditions where they not only learn dogsledding skills but also traditional bush skills.

Whether you’re seeking a different type of thrill or looking to learn the art of mushing, there is a dog-sledding experience out there for you in Northern or Southern Ontario. Here is a compiled list of some of the best dogsledding adventures you can give a whirl.

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Transportation and The Industrial Nature of The Klondike Gold Rush in 1896-1899

The Klondike gold rush was an excellent example of a reciprocal relationship between human connections to nature and industrial culture. Though humans had to travel far to reach the Klondike, they could not be separated from the industrial context that they sprung from. And though their industrial network reformed the natural environment, nature continued to have a close relationship with humans in the Klondike region.