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I Am The Raven

The Raven is often seen as the Trickster, but the Raven is also a Creator, a Transformer, and a magical Artist in its own right.

Image: Ravens, 1998 (woodcut) by Nat Morley.


I am the witching hour of night,

The endless stars in the onyx sky,

And the dark side of the moon,

I bring meaning to the light.


I am Autumn and Winter,

The blanket of snow on a dreaming earth,

The seeds that lay dormant in the ground,

I bring renewal to the Spring.


I am an age-old song,

The sweet melody that is heard on the wind,

The flute that whispers gently each morning,

I bring a story to be sung.


I am the trickster,

The thief who stole light,

The accidental creator of life,

I bring gifts with my deceptions.


I am the scavenger,

The taker of what is wasted by others,

The keeper of treasures recycled,

I bring purity to muck.


I am the transformer,

The creativity of every artist,

I am magic incarnate,

I bring imagination to this world.


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